Data loss is one of the mostly costly IT disasters that any individual or company would last want to incur. Statistics show that 91% of companies have had to file for bankruptcy after a ten-days repetitive data loss. Data loss and corruption in most companies is as a result of negligence and ignorance on the part of the management and employees. Most people for example are continuously opening up email attachments even though their sources are questionable. Others are ever downloading and installing trial versions of softwares without even trying to update or activate their anti-virus programs.

Data backup and recovery is one of the simplest computer problems that you do not have to pay for even if you are not an IT specialist. All you have to do is follow simple computer wizard guided steps and in no time the problem will be solved without paying lots of bucks to remote tech support companies that enjoy ripping off your hard earned cash by solving simple data backups that could be solved even by the dumbest computer dummies.

In this article, we shall go through an easy diy computer project to explore how data back up should be done. Since most organizations use windows as their operating system, our diy on data back up and restoration will be based on Microsoft windows 7. If you have any other version of windows, you will realize that the steps are almost similar.

Backing Up Data

  1. Click the start button in the launch screen. Go to control panel, system and maintenance then click on the back up and restore utility.
  2. If you are backing up data for the first time in this computer, click on set up back up If it is not the first time, wait for the scheduled backup to occur or create a new backup by clicking on back up now. If asked to provide for the computer administrator password, kindly do so.
  3. The backup wizard will then ask you what you want to back up and where to store the back up Kindly specify.


Note: It is always good to back up your data in external, removable media like DVDs, CDs and tapes since they can then be kept securely.

Once the back up is through, you are shown a report of how the back up progressed. If it was not complete, you could always restart it.

How To Restore Data

To restore data that was previously backed up, follow step (1.) above. For step (2.) however, specify that you want to restore backed up data from the location you backed it up. If the data was backed up in a removable media, you should insert it into the computer for restoration to take place.

It is important to note that any data backed up in tapes, DVDs and CDs should be tested lest your company loses data only to realize during recovery that the back up does not work. So any time you back up your data, ensure that you test the back up copy. With such an easy diy computer project done regularly and daily, you can bid farewell to IT disasters related to data loss.

A computer virus is a software program that can reproduce itself and infect a computer. It can lay dormant for a specific period of time or it can become active creating real damage to a computer.

What is the typical way a virus infects a computer?

The various types of computer viruses are spread in many ways including:

  • Attachments in email or instant messaging messages
  • Introduction via external media such as CDs, Diskettes, or USB Flash drives
  • Files downloaded from the Internet

A computer virus first replicates itself by relocating on a legitimate program (eg. Word.Exe)and then attaching or splicing a copy of it into the genuine program. The virus’s code (i.e. Instructions) becomes a part of the legitimate program. When the legitimate program is opened (i.e. placed in RAM) the virus may activate itself then or at a programmed time.

How do computer viruses work?

When a computer virus installs itself on a computer, it cause a number of problems ranging all the way from interrupting the computer operations, deleting files, changing the composition of files to even formatting the computers hard disk. Some computer viruses even gives one instructions such as downloading a certain program to fix a specific problem. These are really dangerous as they will do more damage to your computer than the initial virus itself. If unsure do a search on the software being offered and contact your computer support person for confirmation as to what action you should take.

Some of the more common problems is slowing the computer, not being able to save a document, critical files may be deleted periodically or it may happen all at once. In some instances the operation of hardware is affected with not being able to open the CD drive or it may open without direction from the user. There may be unusual sounds playing randomly and programs may start without direction from the user. Emails may also be affected with some not being sent or attachments being lost.

Viruses can duplicate files filling up the hard disk which may be a cause for the slow operation of the computer. Early location or detection of the virus is really important otherwise the computer may fill up and an antivirus program may not fit on the computer. Another insidious problem that may occur especially in this situation is the virus may block the user from accessing an antivirus software company for downloads so the virus can be eliminated. So early detection is vital!

Prevention is really important in protecting your computer. There are many software companies that provide access to antivirus free software giving you a free trial such as AVG and Norton. Most new computer comes with installed antivirus software while others comes with the software and it is up to the owner to install it.

Prevention of Computer Viruses

As a virus can attach itself to an email and often in attachments it is a good idea not to open any attachment unless you know the sender. Even then it is a good idea to save the file and then do a scan on it. Do not open an email if it has one or two words or looks a little strange. Just opening this email may cause problems. A good idea is to add it to the blocked list in the Junk Mail and then delete it.

Internet and computers have become common phrases within the office settings. The Internet, in particular, has redefined the business terrain. For instance, development of computer systems that relies on The Internet has not only enabled organizations world over to outsource resources remotely, but has as well created massive employment opportunities online. Other than office work, are there other types of computer jobs away from the office? There are many people earning from website development. Even more are earning from website analysis and optimization.Here is a preview of the most recent and sought after types of computer jobs;

  1. Blogging – Blogs allow individuals to express their opinions and expose their products to the online viewership as well. Since blogging is driven by freshness in ideas and authority of expressions, articulate and experienced bloggers are in demand world over. Leading news sites, e-commerce entities and corporate individuals are always scouting for the best bloggers and content creators. And since such entities are in millions, so are the opportunities in the blogging world.
  2. Website design – Website design has always offered lucrative opportunity in computer industry. Advent of blogs has opened new opportunities for website developers to expedite their trade on more than one platform. As The Internet grows, website developments grows in leaps. In U.S, for example, web design industry is worth over 20 Billion Dollars. And with 152 million blogs on The Internet, website design is certainly a lucrative career.
  3. Transcription – With the advent of video conferencing; which has been necessitated by the need to cut on communication costs, transcription is a most sought after expertise. Transcription entails converting speeches and chat sessions into text for print purposes.Transcription softwares help to recognize and convert parts of speech to text prints. Legal set ups, business and medical fields are some of the prime areas where experts in transcription are made use of.
  4. Search Engine Analysis – This involves in-depth evaluation of a website design in respect to ranking performances in search engines. With millions of websites competing for ranking space on search engines, it’s necessary for website owners to hire experts in Search Engine analysis to create systems that are likely to rank higher and have a chance of being displayed on first pages of search engines.
  5. Affiliate Marketing – involves selling products and services to online visitors through sites such as specialist blogs and websites. The fact that multiple can brands can be displayed in a single page means that affiliate marketers can generate large revenues.
  6. Customer response – This involves outsourcing customer service remotely to virtual assistants online. The assistants act as link between the businesses and their esteemed customers. There are numerous opportunities online for virtual assistant; freelancing sites such as oDesk, Elance and has hundreds of such jobs every week. Whats more? Virtual assistant almost always get hired on long term basis.
  7. Cloud computing – As business entities expand in service offered and geographical coverage, the need to safe guard organizations and customer data is paramount. However, with heightened threats to data security-hacking, compromise and sabotage- organizations have found it necessary to search for alternative back ups. Cloud computing involves using remote servers to manage, back up and analyze data remotely.
  8. Social media marketing – Though many people use social media for social interactions through sharing and chat sessions, marketing opportunities abound. . Especially, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube can be used to strengthen relations with customers and establish connections with supporters .Social media marketing has rose to become a lucrative employment opportunity on the computer industry. And with social media shifting to businesses promotions, there can only be too many opportunities to choose from.
  9. Mobile application developments – With over 700 million smart phones shipped in 2012 alone, developing applications for such is a booming business. Android, for instance, allows integration of multiple third party softwares thus presenting opportunities to application developers.
  10. Software vendors – Since many business are using IT services, software are in demand. Becoming a software vendor offers a prime opportunity to earn big with one of the many types of computers.

As The Internet continues to grow, different types of computer jobs will emerge. According to co-founder of Wikimedia Jimmy Wales, The Internet is still in the starter stages and as such, it should be used wisely. Going forward, computer industry will offer some of the most lucrative jobs. Not only that, the new jobs especially in The Internet and online market offers flexibility and options of working in related jobs in an almost seamless manner.